Differentiated learning experiences for priority user segments

Employer: Adobe Systems
Role: Content ops leader, ‘Chief content wrangler – Photoshop’


By 2014-15, Adobe’s business had made a hugely successful transition to cloud-based software delivery. To keep pace with the new business model, the company’s Creative Cloud learning content had to evolve to serve differentiated experiences for identified priority user segments.



  • Digital Media user research
  • Digital Media design
  • Community help and learning (CHL)
Digital Media executive leadership
Digital Media engineering
All tiers of Customer Experience org



  • Page hits 
  • Unique visitors
  • In-app clickthroughs
  • Active use: Monthly active users (MAU)
  • Monthly call volume / MAU
  • Monthly forum volume / MAU
  • Feature call propensity
  • Feature first call resolution rate
  • Social media escalations

Results (non-confidential)

The new content types garnered impressive page traffic metrics and user ratings:

  • The Photoshop desktop What’s New page alone was registering millions of page hits every year by 2017.
  • Product-specific variations notwithstanding, the What’s New resources registered encouraging positive user ratings.
  • The call propensity around new features saw a decrease in 2016-17.
  • The content strategy I contributed to in 2014-15 has stood the test of time, scaling for newer channels like mobile. It is helping customers year after year in getting the most out of their Adobe software.
  • Overall, Adobe’s onboarding and retention strategy has been a huge success.

And this happened on the splash screen of Photoshop 19.x releases, marking a proud moment in my career:

Photoshop 19.x splash screen
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