Three volumes of poems, and a book of non-fiction in progress. And much that has drifted away unwritten.

Weaving magic with words

Feature on Samartha's poetry in Haryana Review (2010)

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Shadows Don't Live In Walls

Poetry / English
First published: 2004
Publisher: Writers Workshop
ISBN 10: 8181571622
ISBN-13: 978-8181571625

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"Still, the one thing that struck me in his early poems continues to amuse. The way he approaches everything abstract that he perceives through the senses... It is now that he sees his house as bare brick and mortar; fails to give the sky a name; and is able to address his ancestors without undue respect or inhibitions."Swadesh Deepak in his preface to the book


Water Sipped In A Dream (सपने में पिया पानी)

Poetry / Hindi
First published: 2017
Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan
ISBN 10: 8126729694
ISBN-13: 978-8126729692

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"Despite its somewhat anarchical development in phases, poetry remains the art of bringing to light the journals of the inner world... In present times, when the inner world of man is under all kinds of attack; when there's a visible conspiracy to alter its texture through external influences; [here's a poet who] values his world within above everything else..." – Geet Chaturvedi in his preface to the book

"...a young poet with a deeprooted restlessness and concern... with a flowing style dangling like twigs of grass."Liladhar Mandloi in "Vartaman Sahitya"


Luqman Ali, a long poem


Luqman Ali: Painting by Jai Zharotia

Co-translator into English of Luqman Ali, a landmark long Hindi poem by Soumitra Mohan

First published: Chandrābhāga 14/2006
Subsequently in: Asymptote

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